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PO07 Lisboa April 25 Bridge
On April 25, 1974, Lisbon had what is now referred to as the coolest revolution ever, the one day Carnation Revolution.  This was a military coup and popular uprising toppling the dictatorship which had prevailed for almost 50 years.  Flower vendors handed out carnations to the soldiers and protesters, who stuck them into soldiers gun barrels. There were two critical musical signals used in this left-wing military coup.  First the radio airing of some Portuguese equivalent of a Portuguese ‘American Idol’ song alerted the rebel captains and soldiers to begin the coup.  Next, the national radio broadcast a song by a banned folk singer.  This was the signal for additional and continued military action.  Eventually in what was described as a ‘near bloodless coup’ crowds tore down the original brass name plate on the bridge, Pointe Salazar, and it was renamed the 25th of April Bridge.  It is modeled after the Golden Gate Bridge and painted the very same color.