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UT109 Zion Narrows Yellow
The absolute best hike one can do, bar none, in everybody's opinion, without exception, in all of Zion National Park Utah is the hike through the Virgin River up the Narrows, where the cool stream IS the trail for most of the way... when it is July and it is 110 degrees Fahrenheit in the rest of the park.....  You will NOT be alone on this hike.  My photo compositions were largely dictated to those scenes where there were not large groups or families walking through.  How can one possibly even begin to organize a hiking trip with 75 your screaming young girls in bikinis?  My Apple Health Tracker indicated my round trip hike was a little over 10 miles.  Even five miles up the river there were lots of people coming down river concluding an overnight hike through the Narrows on their one way trip down stream.